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Steve C
Amazing provider Before going to Kate a few months ago, I had never had acupuncture. Kate's knowledge and professionalism immediately put me at ease. On my first session, she alleviated some pain in my foot that massage, doctors, and others could not fix. My back and neck have not felt this good in decades. Easy appt. scheduling, as well. I can't say enough about how amazing Kate it at what she does. PS - if you haven't had cupping done, try it!
Letitia B
Invigorate Acupuncture Kate is great! For my 1st experience with acupuncture it's been wonderful and amazing how much it helps. I highly recommend checking it out!
Tanya Artea
Thank you In the past months a combination of work stress and health issues had myself to feel really anxious and not sleeping much. Kate has a really great way of listening and is a very informative person. After a few treatments and an herbal formula, my mind is more calm; and I feel more at peace. Thank you for making a great difference in my life!
Seriously But Thanks to Kate, even my stress levels have gone down. You can't NOT visit. Very clean, fresh, inviting and patient. Pain? reduced by the visit. I'm Sooo Lucky
Sage D
Healing Spirit Kate is amazing. She is very knowledgeable and explains what she is doing. I was diagnosed with Bells Palsy on May 18. I couldn't see her until May 26. I started seeing her twice a week for a couple of weeks and then once a week for a couple of weeks. My face is 99% back to normal. Highly recommend her.
I'm Pregnant! Kate has helped me so much through my fertility journey and her beautiful office is an oasis where stress just melts away.  I plan to keep coming throughout my pregnancy.
Christine H
Saved my trip to India I came to see Kate Campos when I had a painful case of bursitis in my right hip in early October. I had pain all down the leg and into the ankle. I was also a bit desperate as I was leaving in less that 2 weeks for a 6 week backpacking trip in India. I saw her 5 times before I left. I went on my very active trip and never had any pain. Kate save my long awaited trip to India. She really knows her stuff.
Very unique effective style of acupuncture I have had many treatment styles of acupuncture over the years in many cities and Kate's style is very unique.  She assess the entire body for tension and tender areas and then methodically releases them all until you feel so amazing!  You have no idea how many tender areas there are in your body until she starts the process and then you feel it all melt away-it is truly amazing.
life saver
DB I've had chronic pain for years and seeing Kate regularly has given me my life back.  My chronic pain will never be gone, but I never dared to hope that it could be reduced naturally and I am so happy!
Allergy Relief I always have terrible seasonal allergies and this year the over the counter stuff isn't taking care of it so I came to see Kate.  The acupuncture opened my nose up right away, I couldn't believe it.  She also game me some herbs which keep me clear between sessions.
Ari S
So glad I found her I have been seeing Kate for a couple of months now and my migraines have diminished drastically. I’ve mentioned her to a couple of people at work. Hope they do themselves a favor and make an appointment. You should too!
Jackie S
Awesomeness! Ms Kate has been able to give me some relief after all medications including Botox failed. She certainly knows what shes doing. Her compassion and care are outstanding! Highly recommend
All around great experience Kate is a kind, caring, and knowledgeable professional. She explains Chinese methodology and has helped me with several health concerns from headaches to joint pain. If you are looking for a great acupuncturist give Kate a try and you will be happy that you did.
Best Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Practitioner I've been treating with Kate Campos at Invigorate Acupuncture for nearly two years now. I have ongoing issues with Rheumatoid Arthritis and the secondary health issues related to this disease. Using acupuncture and Chinese herbs as a complimentary approach to my Western medicine regimen, I have good control of my disease process. Kate Campos is skilled, up to date, patient, and professional. She also is perceptive at identifying health issues before I catch them! Scheduling online is easy, the office is comfortable and parking is easy to find.
Mary M
Highly Recommend I have suffered from chronic pain for years. Going to multiple Doctors and many Physical Therapists over the years gave me little to no relief. Calling Invigorate Acupuncture was my best decision. Kate listens to me, does not judge and has improved my life beyond my hopes. For the first time in many years I am hopeful for a future where I can live pain free and get my life back. Thank you Kate!
Debra H
Excellent Care Provided I wish I would have found Kate sooner! She had me feeling better after my 1st session and she continues to help me heal. Professional and kind.
I Love cupping! A friend of mine from work suggested I try cupping because of the constant neck tension I have from sitting at a computer all day.  The office is very pretty and tranquil and Kate put me at ease right away.  The cupping feels so good and the appointments are so quick and affordable I can pop in on my lunch break.  
morning sickness This is my second pregnancy and I had hyperemesis with both.  I wish I had known acupuncture could help with the first pregnancy!  As Kate says "acupuncture takes the edge off" I still feel nauseated but I can hold food down and actually go to work which is such a major improvement.
Francine O
Remedy for Chemo Therapy I’ve been having chemo therapy treatments for 4 months now. I started going to Invigorate Acupuncture after my 3rd chemo treatment. After seeing Kate I noticed a huge difference in recovery compared to my first 2 treatments. Kate has helped ease so much of the many awful side affects you experience from chemo therapy. The bone aches, nausea, hand and muscle pains are just a few to name. I’ve been told by many of my chemo nurses and my oncologist how well I am doing and looking. Kate is very kind and professional, I will continue going to Invigorate after all my chemo treatments have ended.
Helps me so much! Regular acupuncture treatments with Kate have been a real game changer in helping me manage not only my pain from Lupus but my stress and anxiety, but like she says "it's all connected"
Karen H
Wonderful Professional services, personal attention, and lovely facility!
pediatric abdominal migraines I am so grateful we found Kate.  My ten year old has suffered abdominal migraines for the past 2 years with no relief from her doctors and specialists.  We were all nervous about needles but Kate was very patient and gentle and after a few sessions my daughter was completely at ease, and most importantly, has had no migraines!
Kate’s the best ate at Invigorate Acupuncture is very knowledgeable and skilled. I have had both acupuncture and cupping procedures and have been very happy with the results. The environment is comfortable and soothing and Kate does a great job listening to the concerns and issues and creating a treatment plan that addresses those issues. The treatments have helped me with my allergies, neck and back pain, jaw issues and and overall sense of relaxation. She also works with various insurance companies. If you’re curious give it a try.
scoliosis I have had scoliosis my whole life, but the back pain progressively got worse as I got older and I just assumed it was something I would have to live with.  I tried acupuncture because my friend raved about it, but I was pretty much resigned to dealing with pain my whole life.  With regular acupuncture my pain levels are a fraction of what they were before and I am able to live a much more active lifestyle.  My back will never be "fixed" but with her help I can manage so much better and even have periods where I'm pain free. Kate is kind and reassuring and her packages of treatments are reasonable.
Migraines gone! I have had migraine headaches a few a week my whole life, and I had tried acupuncture in the past with mixed results.  When I learned my insurance covered it, I thought I would give it another go and I am so glad I did!  I have been coming for 2 months and I haven't had a migraine in weeks!  I can't convey how life-changing this is.  
Sharon Stringer
Life-changing! I went to Kate for help with my hip and lower back and happened to mention to her that my allergies were really bothering me. She informed me that acupuncture can help with allergies - who knew?! After my first session the discomfort in my hip and lower back had greatly decreased. But the nicest surprise was how much better my allergies were - no more fog and fatigue. I continue to see Kate for overall wellness but will definitely increase my visits next allergy season. Kate is a great listener and a kind, caring practitioner.
Foot pain relief I have had plantar facsiitis for years so I finally decided to do something about it, and am I ever glad I found Kate!  She treated me with acupuncture but also recommended these potent herbal foot soaks to do at home and my pain is GONE! After the first soak my foot felt sore, which she said was normal, but after a few soaks my pain was diminishing and then I looked forward to my daily soaks.  
balanced Kate is amazing!  I was referred to her by a friend who said she found great relief for her hormonal/thyroid imbalances with acupuncture.  I was nervous about needles, but most of them you can hardly feel and Kate is very concerned with your comfort throughout the process ( I even fell asleep during a treatment!).  I leave the office feeling wonderful, relaxed, calm and balanced.  After a month of weekly treatments my cycle was much more manageable (usually I'm out of commission the first 2 days with terrible pain and fatigue) and my almost daily headaches have disappeared.  She has also done cupping on my upper back which helps so much with the muscle tension.
skeptic I threw my back out and my wife made me try acupuncture, the first thing I said to Kate was "I don't believe in this stuff" her response was "no-one ever does until it works for them!" Well, what can I say, she was right.  My back felt better and I have no idea how it helps, but it does.
Back pain I threw my back out, which happens from time to time, but it usually resolves in a few days.  When after 6 weeks, I could still hardly walk I decided I needed more than muscle relaxers and I tried PT which seemed to worsen my symptoms.  After the first session I was in much less pain and after 5 sessions I have my life back.  
Helped my Arthritis I was skeptical that anything could help my arthritis but the monsoons have been making my joints ache pretty badly so I was desperate.  Kate was very kind and patient with me and after a few sessions I am wearing rings that haven't fit over my swollen hands in years!  I'm so grateful.
migraine relief! I have had migraines for years but they started happening a few times a week for the past year which was unbearable.  I had tried acupuncture once many years ago but as I was reading more about it I realized I might have to do it for awhile to see the benefit.  I was surprised to find that insurance covered acupuncture and she was in-network.  It took 2 weeks for me to be sure, but the pain is lessening, they aren't lasting as long and I am having less then one a week.  I am hopeful as I continue they will disappear!  
lifesaver with IVF and pregnancy! My doctor recommended getting acupuncture during IVF and I wish I would have listened the first time around.  I started seeing Kate during my second IVF cycle, and immediately noticed I wasn't having a strong of reactions to the fertility meds as the first time around, and was able to handle the stress and anxiety better.  Kate understands the process and the medications and gives lifestyle and diet advice without being pushy.  When I became pregnant, I continued to see Kate and she has helped me through terrible nausea, vertigo and migraines.  I'm not sure how I would have made it through the first few months without her!
Kim H
Help & Healing = A Process I started seeing Kate about 4 months ago seeking relief from 3 main issues: 1) frequent headaches that would come with a dizzy feeling in my head; 2) neck pain from known cervical arthritis; and 3) a variety of suspected pre-menopausal symptoms. I have been using Kate's services in combination with traditional western medicine to get to a better-feeling state. Kate has been wonderful - a good listener, truly interested in my unique situation, and engaged in helping my physical state improve. So far she has accompanied me through the process of successfully getting off of a medication that seemed to be contributing to my dizzy feelings - I have seen an improvement in that area for sure. She has also provided pain management with my neck and headache issues. My neck issues will not go away, but Kate is helping me manage what I have so that I can avoid injections and/or surgery. My headaches have improved, though not completely disappeared, but this is a process - especially since my headaches are likely hormonal in nature. Menopause is on the near horizon and as I approach it, I am glad to have Kate by my side to help mitigate the roller coaster of physical and emotional changes that this will likely continue to bring. Kate is also opening my eyes to some more healthy lifestyle options to prevent further challenges in my situation. While I didn't lead an unhealthy lifestyle before, there is room for improvement. She is always patient and kind in her suggestions and she is sincerely interested in helping me feel better. One thing is certain - I always leave my appointments with Kate feeling better and optimistic. I didn't expect a quick fix as it took years to get to not feeling great. But in just 4 months, I find myself improved and looking forward to how much better I could feel in another 4 months.
Great customer service I called Kate and discussed an issue I was dealing with, wondering if she could help. Instead of having me come in, she referred me to someone she thought could truly help my situation, as she didn't think acupuncture was the most effective. I am grateful there are people out there not just trying to make a buck, but who want to find the best treatment for you.
vertigo I have suffered with vertigo on and off for a few decades and I have never found much relief, I tried acupuncture maybe ten years ago and didn't see much improvement.  After seeing Kate the first time my vertigo was gone for almost 2 weeks (she had warned me it was typical to go and then come back which is why she sets up a few sessions).  I am so relieved and grateful I found something that helps.
shoulder My shoulder hurt so bad I could hardly move it, and the imaging didn't show anything so I was told to just take pain killer.  Well 2 months later and I was still in pain, so I came in and I could hardly sit through the treatment but the next day there was so much relief, I could hardly believe it.  I hope with more treatments all my pain will go away.
Anxiety I started seeing Kate for neck tension and immediately saw improvements.  What surprised me though was how much her treatments were helping my anxiety!  I've had issues for years, take multiple pharmaceuticals and still struggle, but with regular acupuncture treatments, I am feeling so great I plan to wean off my medication with the help of my doctor and Kate.
Gave me my life back I put off getting acupuncture for a long time because I don't like needles but I wish I had come so much sooner.  I have terrible arthritis in both knees to the point where I could hardly walk or stand without pain and injections didn't help so to avoid knee replacements I thought I's give it a shot.  It took a few treatments to notice a difference, but after ten treatments I had my life back, now I just come in every few weeks and I've never felt better! 
Amazing I have been coming to see Kate regularly so a few months now, and it has changed my life!  Not only are my aches and pains a thing of the past but my mood and sleep are sooooo much better too.  
New Review "I am visiting Tucson on vacation and woke one morning with terrible 
upper back pain related to chronic cervical spine damage. I have had 
this problem before and know that acupuncture generally helps. I found 
Kate's web site and even though it was a Saturday and the online  
appointment schedule stated no appointment available that day, I called 
her, in the event that someone had cancelled. She fit me in at the end 
of her time that day and thankfully, her treatment helped me 
considerably. I am totally impressed and very thankful, otherwise my 
vacation may have been ruined. KK"